Does compost smell? Can we compost only in the garden? How to compost on a balcony, a terrace or in an apartment? How to make good compost and what exactly meakes up quality compost?

What is the role of compost in organic food production and the cycling of nutrients? Why is it good to know how to make a fungally dominated compost? To what way can we support healthy soil functions and enhance ecosystem services?

How can food production change the consumer’s environmental footprint? Can we grow food in the city? How do we foster biodiversity in urban environments and make nature an integral part of urban identity? Can we lay the foundations of a healthy culture and economy by regenerating our soils?

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Developing context-based regenerative designs is a meaning making process. The most important step is articulating goals and needs. This creates a clear context for making a decision about what is managed as well as who is doing the decision-making and management, and serves as a reference point around which we build the design for your project.

The design starts with creating a base map which serves as a foundation for mapping out existing elements. We analyse and assess components such as: existing buildings and infrastructure, landforms, water flow, erosion patterns, vegetation, wildlife, micro-climates, wind speed and direction, soil fertility, soil texture and drainage, sun and shade, etc. To better understand all limiting factors and potentials of a specific context, we take into account the property’s ecological, social and economic resource. We also look at the legal framework.

I can help you start a regenerative process.

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Which solution for the disposal of biological waste is right for you? Do you have the right microorganisms in the soil which will unlock nutrients and make them available to plants? Do you need to build soil fertility and increase yields, while using energy more efficiently and reducing financial inputs into agricultural production? Would you like to grow food in your community? Are you interested in designing, installing, and managing regenerative systems in your home, farm or city?

Diversity can be cultivated in a compost pile, in your soil or in the community, by using a regenerative freamework and permaculture principles.

Consult on what solution best suits your needs.

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